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      How to Deter Rodents

      Mice are nimble creatures, capable of climbing vertical walls, walking along thin wires, and squeezing through tiny gaps, thanks to their flexible skeletons.

      They enter homes through holes, so the best way to deter them is to ensure any entry points, including those located higher up or on the roof, are blocked.

      Mice Prevention

      If you think you have an infestation, you should seek mice control immediately. To prevent future problems, there are various things you can do:

      Keep Gardens Clear: Mice can use overhanging tree branches, shrubs and vines to climb up to your roof, so ensure plants are trimmed back from the edge of your properly. Overgrown vegetation close to walls provides an attractive shelter, which they may use as a nesting site. Keeping your lawn mown will also help deter mice by reducing shelter and seeds for food.

      Food Storage: To discourage mice from entering your home, store food in plastic or metal containers and avoid leaving perishables on the counters. Ensure you clear up any food waste and crumbs too.

      Waste Disposal: Empty your bins regularly and, if possible, keep outside bins away from your home.


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      About Mice

      There are two species of mouse that are likely to infest homes: house mice and field mice. Their behaviour and identifying marks may seem identical but are very different.


      Proofing Your Home

      • Gaps: Exterior walls might contain holes for cables and pipes, so ensure they are sealed up. Coarse grade stainless steel wire wool works well, you can combine with expanding foam, concrete or caulking and small holes can just be filled with expanding foam or concrete or similar to deter activity. NB: Check for old disused pipework holes too.
      • Vents: Ensure vents are covered with fine galvanised wire mesh to stop mice accessing the house.
      • Doors: To stop mice entering under doors, fit bristle or brush strips to the bottom. This is particularly important in older properties, where the door may not fit snuggly into the frame.
      • Eaves: Ensure any damaged roofing is fixed, and seal gaps with wire mesh.

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